This residential development was created from simple, elegant, and pragmatic reactions to its surrounding environment. Located within walking distance of one of the world’s premier ski resorts, along a winding canyon the site climbs the canyon’s northern hillside, exposing wonderful views and access to natural sunlight. The building serves the urban and pedestrian needs of its occupants, while simultaneously providing comfort and shelter.

Inspired by the large rock formations that protrude from the hillside, the facades of the project are broken up into smaller, more human scale blocks that fit seamlessly into the topography. The distribution of smaller building masses along the hillside provide a structural strategy to resolve the site’s avalanche characteristics. This, in turn, created areas of open space, both natural and built, that allow a private connection with the exterior at distinct points throughout the residences.

Over 300 tons of dry stacked natural stone with deep raked joints was used for the exterior facades to facilitate the visual relationship between the project and the site. The stone facades resonate with a timeless endurance against the rugged backdrop of the western landscape.


Ketchum, Idaho


Tim Brown