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We are fortunate to operate our design studio in an incredibly unique and pristine natural environment. We believe that enduring architecture comes from a deep understanding and respect for the project site, how the project interfaces with the natural environment, and how people interact with that place and the project. We believe meaningful design is achieved through a rigorous and collaborative environment where complex issues are tested, critiqued, and resolved in a manner that produces work that is functional, sustainable, and inspiring.

Our buildings and projects are crafted both aesthetically and functionally to meet the needs of our clients. We engage each client in a comprehensive and ongoing dialog about their site, program, budget, and design aspirations. A truly collaborative, exploratory process positions the client to participate fully in the design.

Architectural projects have become increasingly complex with advances in building science, technologies, systems, and materials. We believe a truly collaborative approach is critical to project success. Our studio workspaces are an open environment where project issues and ideas are constantly shared and critiqued throughout the design and construction process. In-house structural engineering provides our projects with invaluable and efficient feedback to project solutions from concept design to construction phases.

Environmentally responsible design has been a focus of our firm since its inception. From early passive solar and earth shelter designs to the more recent LEED certified projects, sustainable strategies including site considerations, water conservation, daylighting, energy performance, indoor air quality and durability is always an important part of our design work and completed projects.