The design process for the project engaged the relation of building forms with the surrounding natural environment. It is an environment dominated by dramatic mountain forms against the high desert plain, sharp light contrast, and seasonal climatic contrasts. The design solution became an architectural interpretation of these contrasting environmental elements. The structure utilizes a series of single sloped roof planes, accentuated by a combination of horizontal planes and transparent windows. The roof planes extend to form large overhangs to offer protection from intense solar heat gain during the summer season, while allowing beneficial solar gain during the low sun angle winter months. Use of materials also plays a role in the design solution. Ledge stone laid horizontally serves to anchor the roof plane elements and connect the building to the ground plane. The horizontal stucco reveals and horizontal window mullions further accentuate the dramatic roof planes. To reinforce the mountain contemporary aesthetic, traditional wood rafters and cedar soffits are supported by steel columns and beams.


Sun Valley, Idaho