The mountain environment inspires this design of contemporary mountain architecture. The residence embraces its sloping site and integrates its various levels and roof shapes into the features of the surrounding environment. The mountain derived and inspired materials, such as heavy timbers, natural stone, and natural stone hued stucco, allow the residence to harmonize with the site.

Multiple levels step up the hillside site, terminating at an iconic and monolithic stone knob, which is a focal point from many interior and exterior spaces. The roofline of flat and shallow sloped shapes integrates to mimic the natural slope of the site. The exposed timber structure blends contemporary and mountain motifs, including an indoor swimming pool which is designed to resemble an outdoor pond with waterfall.

The residence and its interior spaces are designed and oriented to capture the panoramic mountain and valley views.

The construction technique for the residence is comprised of heavy timber with conventional joist and stud wall framing combined with masonry/stone construction. The timber roof structure is braced with exposed structural steel rods and is connected with steel plates giving additional lateral roof and wall support required to support extreme mountain snow loads. These steel elements also lend an interesting architectural detail to the interior spaces.

The visual composition and attributes of the exterior materials of timber, cedar trim, stone, and stucco walls, capped with a standing seam, gently sloping roof of painted metal, blend seamlessly and contribute to the dramatic mountain architectural character of the residence.


Ketchum, Idaho


Kevin Syms